Supporting Thurston County Food Bank

Colonial Estates Supporting Thurston County Food Bank

Colonial Estates residents have a long and proud history of supporting the Thurston County Food Bank with food items, cash donations and volunteer time.  We have some residents who make automatic donations from their bank accounts either directly to the food bank or through our food bank coordinators.

In recent months our donations of food items have declined and we hope to put a new emphasis on this significant way we reach out to our community.  Here’s some ideas and information about the food bank also check their website – for more information.

In the past we have brought donations of non-perishable food to all Colonial Estate activities  CEHOA meetings, social events, rummage sales, swap meets, and in general whenever you have items to donate  to put in the food barrel in the Clubhouse entry hall.

Ed & Debbie Lovelady  Unit 3  459.4080  are our food bank coordinators and deliver food items and money donations to the food bank on a regular basis.  Contact them if you have any questions.  They also keep records of money and food donations and post a monthly report on the bulletin board and the CEHOA website

Food Donation Ideas:

  • High protein food such as canned chili, peanut butter, beans, or canned meat – Pasta and macaroni and cheese – Canned fruit and vegetables Soup – Baby food, baby cereal, and formula – Fresh fruits and vegetables that store well in a refrigerator. Home grown produce is most welcome. Please see our produce page for more details.

The FOR Kids Program was created to assist children in our community that struggle with hunger.

Weekend Food Bags  Working with counselors and teachers in local elementary schools, the Food Bank provides weekend food bags to children who rely on free and reduced cost lunch programs during the school week.

  • Birthday Bags Parents with children (up to age 12) can request a birthday bag when they pick up groceries at the Food Bank. The birthday bag contains cake mix and frosting, small gifts, books and party favors to support a family celebration.
  • Summer Lunches Children who rely on free and reduced-cost lunch programs during the school year are left without support during the summer months. The Summer Lunch Program is a collaboration with other youth-focused non profits to ensure that children in need receive nutritious lunches throughout the summer. Lunches are delivered to children’s programs around the country and delivered via Food Bank vans operating on fixed routes.

Bless you and Thank you for your generous sharing

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